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Solo Piano Arrangements of Confessional Hymns


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A Christmas Journey is an attempt to bring out lesser known beautiful hymns following the timeline of Christmas.  It begins with Advent hymns. It then travels into Christmas hymns and then finishes with the season of Epiphany. 

This book is solo piano with select violin accompaniment. 

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'Hymns That I Love' Is a collection of solo piano arrangements of confessional hymns.  Many of these hymns are well known in Lutheran circles. Church musicians have found use for this book and it is often used during various parts of their services.

My Story

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Kurt Weber

My Story

I began composing piano music in the fall of 2013 based upon a recommendation from a friend. ​Since then i've had an incredible journey composing and producing solo piano music.  Little did I know at the time that I had a gift.  My work consists of:

  • January 2017 Pebbles

  • June 2018 Hymns That I Love

  • June 2018 Audaces Fortuna Iuvat EP (music only)

  • November 2019 A Christmas Journey


It is truly a blessing to perform and compose.  Thank you so very much for visiting, I'm always willing to have a conversation, and can be reached at

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