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When writing this book, I had a number of objectives that I wanted to bring out.  I wanted  to bring out the story of Christmas by focusing on the three main liturgical seasons that fit in the more broad season of Christmas. I wanted to introduce the beauty of other hymns that fit in these seasons that are not mainstream. Finally, I wanted to incorporate a violin accompaniment on top of the solo piano.  The difficulty level for borth the violin and piano would be at an intermediate level, additionally for the piano I stuck with my minimalist stlye. 

The book begins in the liturgical season of Advent, which is the coming of Christ. This season is rich with anticipation for the Christmas to arrive. Children collect their Advent Calendars, and Advent Wreath Candles. This season generally lasts from the beginning of December until Christmas Eve. 


On Christmas Eve the season of Advent comes to a close and we enter the official Christmas season. For all of the anticipation that we see in the retail world, stretching all the way into October, this season is brief.  It only lasts 12 days.....yet each day many of us consider to be enchanted!

Following the 12 days of Christmas we enter the season of Epiphany.  The official season begins right around January 6th. It begins with the commemorating the Wise Men coming to Bethlehem to worship the Baby Jesus.


The track lists are as follows. 

Advent Hymns

Savior of the Nation's Come*

On Jordan's Bank the Baptist's Cry

The Angel Gabriel From Heaven Came*


Christmas Hymns

Of the Father's Love Begotten

Now Sing We Now Rejoice

Gentle Mary Laid Her Child*

The Infant Priest

Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming


Epiphany Hymns

Oh Morning Star, How Fair and Bright

Arise and Shine in Splendor*

The Hymns with an astrict denote a violin accompaniment. 

I hope you enjoy learning some of these beautiful hymns. They have all been a joy to work with.  ~ Kurt. 

A Christmas Journey Sheet Music Book

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