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To listen to each track, here is a link to a playlist on youtube

This was my first musical project that focused on piano arrangements of hymnody.  


'Hymns That I Love' Is a collection of solo piano arrangements of confessional hymns. Many of these hymns are well known in Lutheran circles. Church musicians have found use for this book and it is often used during various parts of their services.

Track list: 
1. Sing My Tongue, the Glorious Battle

2. To God the Holy Spirit Let Us Pray

3. Lamb of God Pure and Holy

4. God's Own Child I'll Gladly Say It

5. Christ Be My Leader

6. The Infant Priest

7. I Bind Unto Myself Today

8. We Praise Thee and Acknowledge Thee

It truly was a joyful experience to work on these selections and furthermore to share them with others. It is my hope that that joy can be shared amongst others!


Hymns That I Love Sheet Music Book

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